Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin Trading Bots In 2021

Since you have not been living under a rock for most of the last decade (or out of internet reach), you would have probably heard the buzz surrounding cryptocurrency. This new monetary model took the world by storm in the early 2010s providing enthusiasts and investors alike with an offer they couldn’t resist- financial anonymity and autonomy. The cryptocurrency had been a mainstay whence on, and it can only get better with time.

We say this because the crypto market is continually blossoming. It is several times farther from the brainchild of a select group of tech enthusiasts it used to be. The industry is now worth several billions of dollars. With over 22 years to explore the array of opportunities that lie ahead of the crypto buzz, the digital gold may still be said to be at its infancy with infinite untapped potential.

The popularity of specific cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple have opened the market to both major and minor investors.

As shareholders scramble to get a foothold in this bullish economy, numerous ways of creating wealth from crypto coins have sprung up. Some of these include:

  • Crypto Mining
  • Trading
  • Writing about crypto
  • Crypto Faucets
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Websites
  • people being paid in crypto instead of cash
  • etc.

In this all-inclusive piece, we shall give a detailed review of one of the cryptocurrency trading platforms that have gained enormous popularity in recent times. Let’s grab a cup of coffee as we beam some light into trading with a Bitcoin robot.

What is a Bitcoin Robot (Trading Bot)?

Bitcoin robot's hand
Bitcoin robot

A Bitcoin robot is a unique software program that was developed to buy and sell bitcoin on behalf of a trader. The software uses powerful analytical technology to observe market signals and predicts the most profitable moments to make trades based on the trends it observed

Bitcoin robots are much better and a lot quicker at predicting favorable trades than the average person. Trading bots also have a much higher success rate than human traders with lots of trading bots on the market boasting success rates as high as 90% and profitability of up to 1000%.

As far-fetched as these claims may seem, there may be some truth behind them. In this article, we’re going to dig deep and find out just how valid these claims are, how trading bots work, how to spot fake trading bot platforms, and the best trading bots on the market.

Best Crypto Trading Bots

Bitcoin Evolution
Our rate:
Bitcoin revolution is a great trading platform geared towards creating wealth for users. Members can expect quick withdrawal times, profitable trades, and user security.
Bitcoin Revolution
Our rate:
Bitcoin Revolution is an encompassing and automatic trading system that was birthed in 2017 by a group of veteran brokers in the Bitcoin industry and claimed to perform trades that are milliseconds faster than its competitors due to the signals emitted from the crypto market trends.
Bitcoin Profit
Our rate:
Built by a group of tech enthusiasts, the Bitcoin Profit platform is a fast way to make a high income from cryptocurrency. It has a win-rate of over 90% and profitability of over $1000 per day, combined with SSL site encryption and user security. The demo account and account manager make sure the site is accessible for even novices to navigate.
Bitcoin Compass
Our rate:
A novice in the crypto niche, but no less profitable. It was developed in 2018 by a group of brokers. Bitcoin Compass has steadily built a name for itself with its high trade win-rate, user-friendly interface, and robust user security.
Crypto Profit
Our rate:
This trading bot platform claims success rates of over 90% and a 400% profitability per day. Heavily secured with top-notch security and a convenient demo account, this is an excellent platform for novice traders.
Bitcoin Trader
Our rate:
This automated trading bot was designed in 2017 by Gary Roberts. It boasts a 99.4% win-rate, $1300 minimum daily profit from an investment of $250, and zero withdrawal fees.
Crypto Revolt
Our rate:
Crypto Revolt is a new trading robot that promises to make investors an excess of $1,000 per day from a minimum deposit of $250. With its high profitability and user security, it’s rapidly becoming a trusted name in the crypto world.  
Bitcoin Circuit
Our rate:
This is a new name in the crypto scene. Founded a few years ago, Bitcoin Circuit has slowly been making a name for its high trade success rate, versatile trading options, and robust user security.
Corona Millionaire
Our rate:
Despite the somewhat misgiving name, Corona millionaire is anything but a virus. Promising high win-rates of over 90% and utmost user security, this platform may be able to wipe away the stigma associated with its name.
The Wealth Matrix
Our rate:
When it comes to wealth creation, The Wealth Matrix could not have been more aptly named. High profitability and the grand return of investment are the keywords for this platform. To achieve this, they have created a secure platform that even novices can navigate.
BTC Bank Breaker
Our rate:
This trading platform was formed a few years back by several entrepreneurs who say the untapped potential in the crypto market. Taking time to develop a fully functional, well-rounded platform was their ultimate goal, and they achieved it fully. High profits, excellent security, and an easy user interface were clearly at the forefront of their minds during its development.
Crypto Comeback Pro
Our rate:
crypto comeback pro was created by several Wall Street employees, bankers, and web developers. This explains their apparent in-depth knowledge of the market and how best to make a profit off it.
Our rate:
Springing up in the new age of crypto, BTC Era is just concerned with two things…the profit and security of its members. They’ve worked hard to cultivate that persona and are slowing becoming a trusted name in the crypto market.
Bitcoin Superstar
Our rate:
Bitcoin superstars is another excellent trading platform created by tech enthusiasts and business gurus. Geared solely towards making money for its users, members can expect quick withdrawal times, profitable trades, and user security.
Immediate Profit
Our rate:
The website boasts of profitability as high as $1500 daily, and a trade win rate of up to 99%.
Oil Profit
Our rate:
Oil Profit is an online platform that allows interested investors to trade oil commodities no matter where they are with ease.
Bitcoin Bank Breaker
Our rate:
Bitcoin Bank Breaker is a crypto trading bot. In more technical terms, it is what is called an automated cryptocurrency trading platform.
Immediate Edge
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Immediate edge is one of the leading online trading platforms. What separates the platform from every other on the market is the automation it incorporates into trading.

How do they work?

As previously stated, Bitcoin robots operate on specialized software that uses complex algorithms to map out market trends and predict the best time to buy and sell. Some of the best trading bots claim to use AI technology to archive past trends and learn from them. This means that their success rate improves over time.

Some trading bots use a unique trading technique called High-Frequency Trading, which can predict multiple trades in a single second, at speeds faster than even the best trader. This allows them to outbid even the quickest traders and dictate the flow of the market.

After making these market predictions, these trades are sent out to affiliated brokers who carry out the actual leveraging, buying and selling of crypto.

How do you sign up?

While the programming behind a trading bot might be scarily complicated, signing up to use one isn’t. Though there are hundreds of different trading bot platforms out there, each one has the same signing up process. Here are the necessary steps involved in signing up to a Bitcoin robot trading platform:

Step 1: Log in to their website

There is a host of trading bot platforms being advertised all over the internet, and I don’t think anybody truly knows how many. Once you log in to the website, you will be struck by user testimonies and claims, such as a 98% success rate and 1000% profitability per day.

The truth about those claims is unknown. Some of the things to be on the lookout for are signs which will help you determine whether the platform is genuine or a scam (we’ll get into that in a bit).

Step 2: Fill in your details.

Most trading bot platforms require you to fill in necessary information like your name, email address, password, and billing information.  This info is needed to set up a legitimate account with their affiliated brokers. It will also allow you to send and receive funds. The process should be simple and straightforward. We advise you to be wary of sites that require excessive verification and unusual information.

Some sites may redirect you to a broker, which may ask for additional security details. Documents like government-issued ID and current area of residence may be requested of you. They go to that length because of the new financial policy known as Know Your Customers (KYC). Carefully fill in your details and wait for confirmation from the platform, usually via email.

Step 3: Make a deposit.

Step 3: Make a deposit.
Step 3: Make a deposit.

Once your registration has been confirmed, the platform will typically request that you make a deposit. The minimum deposit may vary from one platform to another, but usually within the range of $50 – $500 accordingly. If you’re new to the platform, our best advice would be to start low to minimize your potential losses.

Most brokers allow users to fund their accounts through multiple channels. This flexibility is great for users who would instead invest via cashless transactions. They accept payments through channels like Visa, MasterCard, Wire Transfer, and Maestro. E-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, Web Money, OkPay, QiWi, and Neteller. Bitcoin and Ethereum are becoming increasingly popular and acceptable means of payment for users who would instead use cryptocurrencies.

Study the site and make sure their security measures are top-notch. Look for details such as SSL website encryption, data regulatory principles, and platform security measures. It may be a pretty good idea to read comments about the site to see if these claims are valid.

Step 4: Try out the demo account.

Most reputable trading bot platforms have a demo account. Members are encouraged to use it for as long as they want until they are ready for live trading. A demo account uses archived information from past trades to help new users appreciate live trading.

Usually, there is some form of a tutorial that guides members through the platform via the demo account. This approach helps entry-level investors to get the hang of the trading bot within a short time.

Step 5: Dive right into it

Dive right into it

After getting the hang of the demo account and the trading platform in general, it’s time to step out into the real world of crypto trading. If you’re a novice trader, our advice would be to start at auto-trading and let the bot do the work for you. Leave your risk settings as low as possible and come back in a few days to see how well your investment is faring. Experienced traders may tweak the settings a bit to achieve their preferred trading strategy.

How to trade on a Crypto Trading Bot platform?

There are several ways to trade on a trading bot platform. But the mechanism of trading boils down to two broad categories:

Manual trading

Herein, the Bitcoin robot does a market analysis and suggests profitable deals based on the signals and trends it observed. The investor can now decide whether he would like to follow that advice or go in another direction.

Automatic trading (Auto-Trading)

In this case, the Bitcoin robot does the analysis and carries out trades on your behalf. All the investor has to do is set it to their preferred strategy, sit back, and watch their investment.

Whichever method you prefer, some good advice would always be to trade in sessions. By that, we mean you should schedule particular trading sessions and always make sure you close your trades after that. A trading bot may be intelligent, but it’s not infallible. A trading robot may continue to make unprofitable trades even when a person would have stopped.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Robots (Trading Bots)

With all the bonuses that come with the use of a trading robot, there are still a few inherent drawbacks here and there. we have listed below some of the pros and cons of using a trading bot:


  • If you can find a good trading bot, then trading becomes highly profitable. Some of the best bots make claims of up to 90% win-rates and profitability over 400%.
  • Most automated trading platforms are easy to use, making them less technical than manual trading or crypto mining.
  • Right trading platforms have top tier security measures to protect the billing information and details of their members.
  • It’s a great way of making passive income if you’re not a full-time trader. Unlike general trends, only a few minutes of your time is required to set up and monitor your trades.
  • The starting capital is pretty low. Most trading platforms can start you off at a minimum deposit of $500.


  • Even on the best sites, you still run a risk of losing money, so invest as much as you can afford to lose.
  • Trading may be too complicated for certain people.
  • There are numerous scam trading platforms out there, so many users have been defrauded of their hard-earned cash.
  • Trading bots have several shortcomings such as their inability to adjust to external influences like media and government policies automatically

How to spot fake trading platforms

How to spot fake trading platforms
  • Check if the website is securely connected over https (not HTTP). If the address starts with “HTTP” instead of “https,” then the data you send to the website is not secure.
  • Make sure the word, Secure is written beside the URL. Other times a padlock might be drawn beside the URL. This indicates that a website is secure.
  • Watch out for spelling or grammar errors in the URL.  
  • Be careful if the site features things such as bad grammar, spelling mistakes, or a shoddily crafted design.
  • Everybody is looking for a profitable platform but be wary of sites that offer unusually high returns. It may be untrue when it seems too good
  • Gather info about the platform and research the About Us pageto make sure all claims are valid.
  • Is the platform being supported by reputable websites? If not, that may be a clear sign that it is not a legit platform.
  • Look for other user’s reviews and testimonies. If it’s a fraudulent platform, most users will be quick to spread the word. Be wary of platforms that seem to have no negative reviews on their site; it may be a front.
  • Find out who about the registered owner of the domain. If that information is hidden, it may be a sign that they do not wish to be found, which is a common trait of most scammer sites.
  • Also, check the domain age, be wary of any domain that seems to have existed for less than six months.
  • Many investment scams use fake celebrity endorsements to attract victims and get people to lower their guard. Dig deeply into any of these so-called celebrity endorsements before you believe any of them.
  • Social media and unsolicited messages are two common ways for online fraudsters to reach out to potential victims. Always be wary of unwanted messages.
  • Be wary of sites who request for information or have unusually long and complicated user verification requirements.

The Verdict

Automated trading platforms are a great way to invest in the crypto market. The difficulty most investors face is how to identify good platforms out of the hundreds of scam sites all over the internet. Look out for certain red flags like the ones outlined in this article. Rest assured, however, that you may be on the path to becoming a crypto millionaire once you find a trusted platform.